Under the Hood: Social Media Audit

In this course, you'll learn what's broken with your social media and what to fix first. The TGroup Marketing Method simplifies the chaos into a clear action plan.

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Does Your Social Media Need a Tuneup?

Need a Starter

Confused on where to start your social media?

Something Seems Busted

Not sure what’s broken, but feeling like your social media could run more smoothly?

Need it to “Just Run Right”

Struggling to make sense of social media so that it becomes a meaningful piece of your marketing efforts?

If any of the above strike a chord, you’re in the right place!

You need a starting point. Our social media owner's manual allows you to conduct your own social media audit that will pinpoint issues, answer your questions and keep you focused on what will actually help.

"Going through the Social Media Audit process was extremely helpful! I had assumed that I have a much better handle on the social media activities for my business than I actually do. Seeing exactly where the gaps are, and having that translated into actionable steps, is invaluable."

Leigh Bridges
Owner, Green Earth Tails, LLC

The TGroup Marketing Method Approach to Social Media

We might be weird. We believe social media should be, well, social. We've got a pretty easy formula for you to follow to ensure you get started on the right foot.


Get started on your own social media audit. We'll walk you through each step and help you find your path.

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Drive at your own pace and work through your own social media audit. It takes just few hours. Plus, we're here to help if you need us!

We Created this Course with YOU in Mind.

No B.S. - Only what you need to know to drive ahead. It's the beauty of the TGroup Marketing Method.

Just like taking your car to the mechanic, our audit makes sure everything is in place, running smoothly, and identifies areas of concern. The course gives you:

  • Real data to help you make decisions on where to spend your valuable time and resources.
  • An action plan to make sure your social media networks are up to snuff - no more guessing!

Get Your Social Media Checkup

Enroll today and start winning tomorrow on social media. Plus you'll learn some fun insights about your competitors along the way.


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