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Quarterly Digital Marketing Checklist

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When was the last time you looked at your titles and descriptions or tested your funnel?

We’re here to help.

We’ve put together a quick and easy quarterly checklist to make sure you are running on all cylinders. And let’s be honest, it’s better you find the glitches than your customers or boss!

“This document keeps you on track, reminds you that digital marketing is a living thing and makes it simple! An incredible value for the price! If you want to look better at doing your job, get this guideline!” – Bertha E.

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Find glitches before your customers or boss do!

Proactively identify issues with your digital marketing every quarter and win the day!

Does this sound like you?

You realize you forgot to remove that old employee’s access to your social accounts and it’s been over a year.

Your website glitched and your back up system didn’t work.

A board member flags your boss that your listing on Google has really outdated content and promotes a product you no longer sell.

We’ve all been there many times.

What if there is a way to mitigate these kinds of icky conversations?

That’s exactly why we created the Quarterly Digital Marketing Review Checklist.

We needed a list of foundational digital marketing items to check every quarter so we could mitigate risks like I just mentioned.

Look, stuff happens…

…but let’s at least spend 30 minutes a quarter to reduce the risk of our boss or customers finding an issue.

This process will help you be badass.


We’ll walk you through 8 digital marketing channels and flag some areas where we commonly see risk issues including:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC - Advertising)

Email & Marketing Automation


Social Media

Digital PR

Tracking & Analytics

Content Marketing

Right now you’re probably hoping…

Your site doesn’t go down or glitch out.

You remembered to remove former staff from all of their access to your social networks and website.

Your search results on Google look great.


Imagine if instead of hoping, you knew.

Why me?

I’ve has been “doing” digital marketing for over 15 years and work with b2b clients globally. I’ve noticed that “risk management” in terms of digital marketing doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

I rarely work with businesses that already have processes in place for quarterly checkups. Marketing departments are usually slammed with lead gen projects. I get it.


When something goes wrong it tends to go really wrong and can be a big liability for the company. Not to mention it makes you looks bad to your boss.

That’s why I developed this simple checklist to make sure the big stuff isn’t missed.

  • Tracking doesn’t help you if the goals and conversions aren’t setup right.
  • SEO can’t be useful if your titles and descriptions are outdated.
  • That disgruntled employee that still has access to your Facebook page from a project they touched 2 years ago…well…yikes.

So use this as a swipe file and adopt it as part of your regular quarterly process. Avoiding just one embarrassment is well worth the cost and time.

Who is this for?

Marketing/Digital Marketing Associate

If you’re the one primarily “doing” digital marketing (actually pushing the buttons)…then this list is a great way to wow your boss.

Download it, make it your own and pitch it to your boss to be included as part of your department processes.

Talk about being proactive and showing initiative! So instead of ordering that extra Starbucks, try this instead.

Marketing/Lead Gen/Digital Manager

Go through the Quarterly Digital Marketing Review Checklist with your staff and look for any holes that need to be addressed.

This should also help identify improvements for your quarterly planning.

As we mentioned, it’s also helpful for risk management.

Director or VP of Marketing, or CMO

Send this to your marketing managers to add to your marketing processes.

Include it as part of your strategic marketing plan objectives such as “digital marketing quarterly review process” and then simply download our process and mark it complete!

Need more details?

How does this work?

  1. Purchase the checklist and you’ll get a link to download the PDF document. It walks you through all 8 digital marketing channels and flags the most common issues we see that may need attention every quarter.
  2. You’ll also receive a confirmation email with your receipt and the link to the PDF again.

We fully expect you to adopt this process into your marketing department SOP documentation.

Our refund policy.

Unless your kid bought this on accident or you sat on the keyboard and accidentally purchased it, we don’t offer refunds due to the nature of the digital product.

Imagine if this time next week…

You presented your boss with your completed checklist and highlighted any team action items.

You caught a tracking error that will change how your department launches campaigns.

You discovered that your lead gen form had a glitch and you were able to fix it and now you have a huge influx of leads coming through.

Yeah…you’d feel like the hero.

2 reviews for Quarterly Digital Marketing Checklist

  1. Bertha Edington (verified owner)

    I have been in this field for many years and have never seen anything as straightforward and easy to follow regarding digital marketing. It is so easy to put in place, and then totally forget about until the CEO starts asking why you’re not getting more traction with your digital marketing.

    This document keeps you on track, reminds you that digital marketing is a living thing and makes it simple! An incredible value for the price! If you want to look better at doing your job, get this guideline!

  2. Emma (verified owner)

    Just a week after using it, I got more inbound inquires from organic SEO. I’m not a technical person and this checklist made it easy to optimize my digital marketing efforts. Worth its weight in gold!

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