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How to Outsource Your Social Media


This guide is relevant for marketing departments of all sizes, business owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and anyone with the inkling that something is amiss in their digital marketing machine.

All too often, companies just go through the motions. They dive in without a complete picture of what “doing” social media actually is. So, we’ve created this guide to help businesses navigate the misunderstood world of social media. Because unlike car trouble, you can’t just call your dad to help you figure this one out.

Save time and money on costly hiring mistakes.

What’s included?

Outsourcing Readiness Assessment

Before you go further, let’s see if you’re ready to turn up the volume on your social media efforts.

Why Social Media and Why Now?

Let’s get clear on what social media can do for your business and some bad reasons to “do” it.

Approaches to Social Media

You are likely in one of two social media camps. You might surprised where you land!

Expectations and Warnings

Disappointment comes from misaligned expectations. Let’s fix that!

Your Hiring Guide

When you’re ready, here’s your guide to what level of expert or specialist to hire for what you need.

Setting Expectations Worksheet

When you’re ready to outsource, use this worksheet to set expectations and goals with your new hire! Do NOT hire without it!


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