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A Social Media Plan for the Doers

Don’t have a Ph.D. in social media marketing? That’s okay. We’re pretty sure that’s not a thing, anyway. And if it was, it would be an enormous waste of your time.

If you’re the one in charge of executing your company’s social media strategy, you don’t have time to spend learning a bunch of concepts you don’t need to know. You need a clear, targeted social media plan that gets results — and if we had to guess, you needed it yesterday.

Stop stressing and start executing. Book before March 31 for a special Q1 price for your complete social media strategy. Also ask about non-profit and small business programs.

The Social Media Struggle Is Real

Are your one-off posts not getting any engagement?

Blue in the face from explaining to your boss or stakeholders why their expectations are unfeasible, unreasonable or both?

Have you exhaustively searched the terms “social+media+strategy+template” to no avail?

Unsure where exactly social media fits within your marketing plan and budget?

Debating whether paid or organic is the way to go?

Looking for a clean, straightforward social media strategy — something tangible you can present to your boss or board?

If any of the above apply to you, you’re not alone.

What if we told you there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in your position trying to figure out what exactly a social media strategy is, let alone how to put one together? It doesn’t help that social media is often treated as an afterthought. How can you be expected to build and execute an entire social media plan without the resources and support you need to even get started? That’s where we come in.

We’ve Got the Formula for Your Social Media Success

We’ll build your complete, actionable social media plan that you and your team can execute.

This isn’t an exhaustive dive into the history and theoretical applications of social media. It’s a no-BS strategy designed to get you up and running fast and make you look good along the way.

Present with Confidence

Share your social media plan with your boss, CEO, stakeholders and staff.

Prove ROI

Get the data you need to support your marketing budget.

Hand It Off

Empower yourself and your team with a day-to-day, easy-to-follow social media plan.

Look Good

Showcase your brand across social channels with graphic templates designed to your brand guidelines.

Measure Success

Evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts through an easy-to-understand analytics dashboard.

Ready to get started? So are we. Get in touch and let’s get you on the right track.

Unlock Your Winning Social Media Strategy

Interested in seeing a sample report? Or maybe you just want to vent to someone who understands your pain points. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, we’ve got your back.

Social Media Strategy

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At Tresemer Group, we’ve been obsessed with solving clients’ digital marketing challenges since the days of Myspace, and that obsession has only grown stronger. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries implement social media strategies proven to get results. With our social media strategy, we’ll pass you the baton, and you can carry it across the finish line.

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