“After completing this course I was able to easily identify what priorities we needed to put our focus to first I was also able to identify gaps that needed corrected in our social media strategies and campaigns.” -Tina Rolwes | Virtual Assistant, Offsite Office Assistance LLC

If you’re reading this, you probably already know you need a social media tune-up.

For small business owners who know they should be doing something with social media but have no idea where to start, we’ve got your solution right here.

It’s called a social media optimization roadmap. We’ll tell you where you are, what you need to fix, and where you need to go next.

Do it yourself (DIY) or we’ll happily do it for you. Either way, you’ll confidently move forward in your social media efforts knowing your engine is tuned up and ready for the road.


Self-Paced Online Course for the DIY-er

We’ll walk you (or your staff or virtual assistant) through building your social media optimization roadmap. It takes a few hours (depending on how many competitors you review), but once you learn how to do it, you can use these tools anytime you need a tune-up.

You’ll learn:

  • Where you’re missing opportunities to reach your audience on social media
  • How to analyze what competitors are doing
  • What social media priorities should drive your plans for the next 3-6 months as well as practical tips to ensure you’re heading in the right direction with your pedal to the metal


We’ll Do It All For You

Sit back and relax, we got this. We’ll ask you for a list of competitors and we’ll get to work.

A few days later you’ll get a wrapped-in-a-bow presentation including:

  • Where there are optimization opportunities so you can get the most out of your social media efforts
  • What your competitors are up to in social media and where they are spending their time and money
  • Analysis summary of social media opportunities and where to focus for the next 3-6 months so you can be sure you engine is humming and ready for the road!

“Going through the Social Media Audit process was extremely helpful! I had assumed that I have a much better handle on the social media activities for my business than I actually do. Seeing exactly where the gaps are, and having that translated into actionable steps, is invaluable.” -Leigh Bridges | Owner, Green Earth Tails, LLC

The 4-1-1, low-down, brass tacks, and FAQs:

  • Sounds hard. How long will it take me? If you follow all of the steps we expect it to take you about 2-4 hours the first time you complete your social media audit. The actual course content will take you less than an afternoon.
  • What if I have questions? Great! When you sign-up you can join our closed Facebook Group just for this course where we are standing by to answer questions. We usually respond within a day. If you opt for the DIY version you can also ask questions within each lesson.
  • What results can I expect? Aside from crying tears of joy, you can expect to know where you are starting from compared to your competitors. You can also expect to be surprised by at least one metric from either you or competitors. We have yet to present the findings when the client didn’t say “oh wow” at least once. Bottom line – you can expect to walk away with a clear roadmap for optimizing your social media. In 3-6 months you’ll be ready to put the pedal to the metal on your social media efforts knowing you have everything in place to start ramping up.
  • Why should I hire you vs do it myself or have my staff complete it? We always want people to learn how to do this, so we love the DIY package. If you have a VA or junior level staff member you think can rock this, then the DIY option is perfect for them. However, sometimes you just want an expert to jump in and get it done. No muss, no fuss. As long as we can nerd out with you about the results, we’re happy to do the leg work.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Coach

Michelle Tresemer has been “doing” digital marketing since the dawn of MySpace. Her passion is to help clients see the joy and beauty in digital marketing. It is a tool to help businesses authentically reach their audience.

I want to understand your unique brilliance and what you have to offer the world and show you how to begin using these tools to amplify your impact. -Michelle Tresemer
Digital Marketing Coach

For those of you wanting to know more, here’s the run down of our process.

How to identify small business competitors

1. Identifying Competitors

Competitors are not always what you might think. We'll show you how to identify which competitors you should look at for online marketing ideas.

How to identify small business competitors

2. What's the Competition Up To?

We can get a lot of ideas from competitors. Where are they spending time and money? What can we learn from their efforts?

Social media for small business checklist

3. What Needs Attention

This is the fun part where we see what you and the competition have going on and start listing out all of your opportunities are.

Prioritize social media tasks

4. Prioritize Your Tasks

You've got a list of to-do items, but where to start!? We'll walk you through how to prioritize so you can make some headway without getting overwhelmed.

social media win for small businesses

5. Win.

You'll walk away with a clear roadmap to get your social media engine running. It usually takes 3-6 months, but you got this. Plus, we're always here if you have questions or when you're ready to throttle up.

Not sure what you’re ready for? Give us 15 minutes, tops, and we can go through some stats live. If nothing else, you’ll walk away with some stuff to fix!