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Does the thought of writing a blog post give you anxiety? We get it.

This course is for you if:

1You are a busy business owner, solopreneur, mompreneur that knows you need to blog but ideas are scattered and it takes too long to write anything decent.

2You have a virtual assistant (VA) that is “pretty good at stuff” but you want to make sure they are leveraging your content marketing budget. That’s right, sign them up for this course and know they are “doing it right.”

3You ARE a VA and need a solid template to cut down your blog writing time to serve your clients better.

4You are an entry-level to mid-level digital marketer at a large company and want to impress the crap out of your boss.

In this course we’ll walk you through your new blog post writing template. We make sure you leverage everything content marketing has to offer without the headache and confusion of digital marketer jargon and nerdery.

We’ve included:


Gather up a few items before writing and you'll save a ton of time. We'll show you exactly what to prep.


We've built the structure for you. That's right, it's basically plug 'n play.


This template is built to leverage it all for you, we'll show you how that works.

Bonus Content

See how this template translates into a $h!t ton of social posts with a few clicks. You'll think it's magic.


No BS Blog Writing Proven method to create killer content, fast.

How to Write a Blog Post Online Course

No more stress. No more anxiety. After this course you might even be a little cocky about your content marketing because you will have learned the secret to writing blog posts in less time that actually drive measurable results.

You’ll also get access to our private Facebook Group so you can get your questions answered!

“I do not enjoy writing, but I have a lot of great information to share! Before Michelle’s “Write Blog Posts Stress Free” course, I struggled constantly with putting together a good blog efficiently and effectively. Michelle’s class provides a framework, template, and great tips and resources to make the process easier and more streamlined. The course provides information in short, manageable bites so that you can focus and digest one thing at a time. The additional resources were valuable as well. Michelle also provided great feedback on my first “post-course blog” and gave me new ideas to consider and utilize going forward. I still have areas to improve upon, but I feel much clearer and less overwhelmed with the task. I would highly recommend the course to anyone that needs to polish up their blog-writing and posting skills.”

-Lori Vande Krol, Organization and Productivity Consultant, Life Made Simple, LLC

The 4-1-1, low-down, brass tacks, and FAQs:

  • Sounds hard. How long will it take me? We expect it will take you about 1 hour to work through the tutorials.
  • Do I need to know any html? Nope! We’ve got a trick to make “coding” your blog post a breeze.
  • What if I have questions? Great! When you sign-up you can join our closed Facebook Group just for this course where we are standing by to answer questions.
  • What results can I expect? We hear that the first time you use your new template it takes a little longer to work through the steps. But, even by the second time using it, you can expect your writing time to start decreasing. The best part is that by following the template you are also leveraging the blog post because it follows search engine optimization best practices. So even though it doesn’t feel like a lot of technical pieces, you are! Once you’ve tried it a few times you’ll write faster and get more out of each post.

I’m ready to stop stressing and start writing to generate leads for my business!