Your Blog Template is Just a Click Away

Producing relevant content that resonates with your audience AND is good for search engines can be daunting. We’ve been there many, many times.

That’s why we created this blog post writing template. We included everything you need so nothing falls through the cracks. Fill out a few fields in the form and voila! Instant access to your blog writing template.

This template ensures we include everything needed to publish and share the post. We’ve included:

  • Blog Post Basics: What you need before you start crafting your post.
  • Tips: Keep these in mind along with some helpful resources.
  • Content Outline: The basics of what to include for the structure of your post.
  • Images: Placeholders for your images.
  • SEO: What you’ll need to write for SEO
  • Social Media: Placeholders for your basic social posts.

Two great ways to use this template:


Use the template to plan and write all of the content yourself; you'll be amazed at how much time you save when you work through the template.

Outline for Writers

If you outsource a writing team, this is the perfect planning tool. Fill out the key pieces and hand it off! The writers will love you for it.


Blog Post Writing Template Used by the Pros to Write Killer Content Fast

Crafting the perfect blog post can be a painstaking task. We’re sharing our tried-and-true method for writing consistent, high-performing blog posts with YOU.