When it comes to digital marketing you don't want a wing man, you want a wing commander

The unspoken truth is, you, like others, need backup you can trust. Having quick access to strategic and tactical digital marketing advice is no longer a luxury. It’s a requisite for success in the digital age!

"After bringing Michelle on board, we have data-driven metrics to measure the total impact, which we can then adjust depending on our intended outcome. We've set baseline targets that allow us to understand our true potential."
Michelle Kaufmann
Communications Director, Stoller Wine Group

Not having instant answers to digital marketing questions limits your…

…ability to manage up (to your boss or board of directors).

If you’ve ever been in a board meeting when an investor asks about your SEO strategy (because their nephew is a freshman in college and buzzing with new information), then you know how it feels to be put on the spot.

Imagine not only fielding such questions with good knowledgeable responses, but also delivering some quick, tactical steps to assuage any concerns. Your boss will eat it up!

…management effectiveness with your staff.

Your staff looks to you to ask questions that will lead the team to productive paths. It’s your job to push back intelligently. But if you’re not sure how your staff tackles day-to-day digital marketing challenges, or even where they might need support, your questions can cost you a lot more than face.

When you have our digital marketing advice a Slack chat or call away, you’ll be able to quickly and confidently offer good questions, answers, and tangible steps to take to ensure your team they’re in good hands.

We Learned Digital Marketing Tech So You Don't Have To

If you’re an upper-level marketing manager or CEO/Founder who needs a trusted third-party perspective on your digital marketing operations, we’re your on-call nerd!

  • Got an upcoming board meeting and need some digital marketing insights? We’ll get you meeting-ready.
  • Need to hire a staffer who will work with digital marketing, but you’re not sure what questions to ask to ensure they know their stuff? We’ll help you design the right questions and talk you through not only potential best answers, but also red flags.
  • Feel like you don’t have enough time to learn what you need to know about digital marketing? We’ll help you stay focused on the important aspects, prioritizing what you must know now.
  • Want no-pressure, no-BS support? You’ve got us when you need us. You’ll have access to our brains when you need it most.

Introducing Digital Marketing Stunt Brain Coaching

On-call and behind-the-scenes digital marketing advice, guidance, consulting when you need it most.

When You Need Us Most

Text, Slack, Teams, email, or send us a message on Facebook or LinkedIn. Whatever way you prefer to communicate is fine with us. Ping us when you’ve got a question, and if we can answer it in 5 minutes, you’re off and running! Have a bigger question? Something that needs more conversation or examination? No problem! Schedule one of your three (3) monthly 45-minute one-on-one sessions.

Quick, Same-day Response to Your Questions

Because we only work with a small number of select clients, we can promise you a same-day, regular-business-hours response to your texts or email questions. We know that solving problems quickly means preventing future problems.

Trusted & Unbiased

We're not your staff. We aren't angling for a raise. We'll tell you the tough truth when it's needed, and help you see past any blind spots. If you just need a "yes man" - keep looking because we're not a fit.


You, and your staff, also get complimentary access to our digital marketing resource library, including courses, as long as you are a member.

Maximize Your Talent

We see it as our job to learn your business, so we can provide you the best guidance possible. Every client’s team has a unique a skill set, culture and dynamic. We’ll help you use your resources and talent in the most efficient way possible.

Quarterly Planning

If you'd like us to play a bigger role in your marketing efforts, as a member of this program you get 50% off our quarterly team digital marketing planning workshops. We'll walk your team through strategy AND tactics so everyone knows what to do and when. Your team has never looked so good!

Experience Counts

When you work with Michelle Tresemer’s TGroup Marketing Method, you get a stunt brain with two decades of marketing and digital experience. That wealth of knowledge manifests in a practical, holistic approach to online marketing, one that helps clients connect complicated dots and rise above silo’d thinking.

As a consultancy, TG Marketing Method offers you our wealth of knowledge and experience as we help you build a more visible and effective digital marketing strategy. You’ll have a teacher that will focus on leveling up your and your team’s technical skill set. And we’ll help you better understand how to streamline your digital marketing assets so you’re not wasting time or money on things you just don’t need!

Finally, we’re your stealth coach, your secret weapon, your advocate. We champion your strengths and give you tangible tools so you can thrive in your unique management setting. If you need strategy, we’re experts at that; if it’s a detailed to-do list of tactics to get you moving, we do that, too. Need a sounding board for an idea? We’re your wise and honest listener who won’t bullshit you.

The truth is, in today’s highly competitive and specialized marketing environment, having a confidential coach is now a must-have. Michelle Tresemer and TGroup Marketing Method have been the secret weapon of large and small companies looking to leverage their digital assets. Whether you need an individual or team course correction, or a stealth digital strategist or tactician that knows her shit, or simply someone to fill in some knowledge gaps, we’ve got your back. And it will just be between us!

“Great coaching, above and beyond my expectations. Incredible response time, and flexibility, amazing knowledge base and clear communication. We are seeing results already in increased website contact forms and leads from social media.”

Rel Vild, Marketing Coordinator, Hydro Innovations

Your Next Steps

1. Request a Meeting

We’ll chat about where you’re at and what you hope to accomplish. It’s our chance to talk about what you think is keeping you from what you want: notice from a superior, a more functional digital marketing team, information you need to manage a highly technical team.

2. Review Your Options

We’ll recommend the option that will work best for you given your needs and circumstances.

Need a stunt brain now and then? We offer ala carte one-on-one sessions (up to 45 min per session).

Need the security of being able to slack or text for quick Q&As whenever needed? Consider our Boost Unlimited Access option.

Want to start things right with our digital marketing review and augment those recommendations with one-on-one sessions and Slack and text access? Then, our VIP Insights & Access option is for you!

3. Sleep Easy

Go to bed knowing you have backup and a secret stunt brain for digital marketing nerdery at the ready!

A La Carte

As-Needed Sessions
$ 250 per session
  • One-on-one private sessions (up to 45 min per session)
  • Dedicated booking link to schedule sessions as needed


Unlimited Access
$ 750 monthly
  • Unlimited Slack or text message access for quick Q&As
  • Up to three (3) one-on-one sessions per month (45 min each)


Access + Insights
$ 1250 monthly
  • Proactive insights - we'll flag, proactively, when we see areas for improvement.
  • Boost package (3 one-on-one sessions + Slack and text access)
Need even more oversight? Ask about our Strategic Management package where we’ll take the reins and manage all of your digital marketing efforts.

Examples of Stunt brain Coaching in Action

How clients have used the program…

Quick Q&A's

Clients often need quick answers to questions such as:

  • Is organic search traffic converting?
  • Did our site traffic increase over last quarter?
  • Did our email campaign from last week lead to any sales?
  • Do we need Facebook Business Manager?
  • Our PPC firm wants to add a tracking pixel to our site - is that a legit request?

Instead of going down the time-consuming Google rabbit hole, just Slack, text, or email, get your answer, and move on with your day.


Sometimes you just need a stunt-brain session to ensure you’re on the right track. We’re happy to work one-on-one with you when:

You’re not sure if you have the right team, or maybe you’d like to bring on additional vendors or staff.

We can help you interview! We provide or ask the technical questions to make sure you get the skillsets you need.

Your digital team needs a sounding board.

We can use our stunt brain to ensure they are being efficient and forward-thinking instead of duct-taping together digital tasks.

You have a big board presentation or review coming up.

We can review your presentation via screen share to make sure your digital stats are clear, relevant, and convey the message you wish to convey.

Ready to see if Digital Stunt Brain Coaching is for you?

Schedule a chat to see if we'd be a good fit for what you need.