How to Write a Blog Post...

…without throwing your laptop out the window. 

What you get

You are just 45 minutes away from cranking out blog posts.

Choose Your Topic

Generate topic ideas without stressing about SEO and keyword research.

Use Your New Template

You don't need to recreate the wheel! Use your new template which makes writing and coding your post a breeze.

Write Compelling Headings

We'll demystify headline writing so you don't get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Structure Your Post

Follow your template to structure your post for easy reading by people and by search engines!

Publish with Ease

Follow your easy peasy blog post publishing checklist so you don't miss any checkboxes.

Share Your Post

What good is a post if no one reads it!? We'll show you have to crank out social sharing posts fast.


What's it like at the end?

I do not enjoy writing, but I have a lot of great information to share! Before Michelle’s “Write Blog Posts Stress Free” course, I struggled constantly with putting together a good blog efficiently and effectively. Michelle’s class provides a framework, template, and great tips and resources to make the process easier and more streamlined. The course provides information in short, manageable bites so that you can focus and digest one thing at a time. The additional resources were valuable as well. Michelle also provided great feedback on my first “post-course blog” and gave me new ideas to consider and utilize going forward. I still have areas to improve upon, but I feel much clearer and less overwhelmed with the task. I would highly recommend the course to anyone that needs to polish up their blog-writing and posting skills.

Lori Vande Krol

Organization and Productivity Consultant, Life Made Simple, LLC


What you really want to know...

We expect it will take you about 1 hour to work through the tutorials, likely less. We’ve divided it up into super tiny sections so you can quickly re-watch sections if you need.

Nope! We’ve got a trick to make “coding” your blog post a breeze.

We hear that the first time you use your new template it takes a little longer to work through the steps. But, even by the second time using it, you can expect your writing time to start decreasing. The best part is that by following the template you are also leveraging the blog post because it follows search engine optimization best practices. So even though it doesn’t feel like a lot of technical pieces, you are! Once you’ve tried it a few times you’ll write faster and get more out of each post.

Yes, and no. You can absolutely learn by trial and error and figure most of it out on your own. Our system is a fast-track method to get you publishing posts that people will actually want to read…and search engines will want to index. You’ll learn some pro short cuts so you don’t obsess over titles and headings too. 

Nope! Most people fail at blogging because they get caught up in BS like “keyword research” and then freak out and never hit publish. We teach you how to focus on your reader so you don’t have to do technical SEO research. Crazy, right?

Let's Do This!

Cozy up with your laptop and a cup of tea and invest in yourself for 45 minutes and save yourself a ton of headache every time you publish a blog post.