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Digital Marketing Checklist

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Bertha Edington

Integrated Marketing, Sales, Community Engagement Leader

I have been in this field for many years and have never seen anything as straightforward and easy to follow regarding digital marketing. It is so easy to put in place, and then totally forget about until the CEO starts asking why you’re not getting more traction with your digital marketing.

This document keeps you on track, reminds you that digital marketing is a living thing and makes it simple! An incredible value for the price! If you want to look better at doing your job, get this guideline!


Just a week after using it, I got more inbound inquires from organic SEO. I’m not a technical person and this checklist made it easy to optimize my digital marketing efforts. Worth its weight in gold!

Emma O'Brien

Brand & Messaging Consultant
Michelle Tresemer Digital Marketing Consultant

Worth its weight in Gold


She's a goddamn gem


So easy to put in place


Makes it simple

Hey, I'm Michelle Tresemer.

I am a digital marketing strategist.

I spend all day every day in the world of digital marketing and want to share my checklists and guides with you. Why? 'Cause they are a pain to build and I'm all for saving people time!

This Checklist Will Help You...

Manage Your Digital Marketing Like the Pros

Join us in the biggest digital marketing secret – having your recurring tasks processed! 


Secret One

Digital marketing is not "set it and forget it." This isn't an infomercial. This stuff is tough and requires maintenance.


Secret Two

The more you incorporate processes into your marketing efforts, the faster you'll get shit done.


Secret Three

Digital marketing is iterative! It's never perfect. Use this checklist as an excuse to make your assets better a little bit every quarter.


Secret Four

Being proactive is rare these days. This checklist will show your boss how proactive you are by finding glitches before your customers do!