Your Weekly Digital Marketing Training


Let’s Get Started

Welcome to your Digital Marketing Exposure Experience!

As a reminder, the goal of this program is to help you learn the language of digital marketing. Because the more you are exposed to this world, the more questions you’ll ask, and the more strategic you will be in where you spend your time and money.

If you’re like a lot of our clients, you love what you do and probably aren’t super jazzed about learning the technical cluster of digital marketing.

It’s okay, that’s why this program exists.

Also, keep an eye out for bonus emails and special advanced technical trainings too.

Here’s how we do things:

Each week you’ll get an email with a link to a short 2-minute or less video.
Watch it. Learn from it. Take action.

Some weeks it might just be introducing you to a concept while other weeks it will be a very specific action for you to take. Our goal is to keep YOUR workload to 15 minutes or less each week.

Occasionally you will get a bonus email or see an additional link for an advanced deep-dive if you’re feeling spunky.

If you also signed up for the Q&A sessions, you can use this time to ask clarifying details about any of the content presented or you can get help with your specific use case, or, our favorite, talk about strategies for where you should spend your precious time and money on digital channels.

I don’t expect you to 100% understand everything you’re presented. The goal is to expose you to digital marketing in small bites so you know enough to make good decisions about where you spend your time and money.

Welcome to the program!