Sample: Online Consistency

Digital Brand Tip:

Make Sure You Look Consistent Online

Welcome to Your Sample Digital Marketing Training Video

Today we’re going to take a moment to audit our digital brand. What does that mean? The best brands in the world are consistent. You know their colors, you know their logo, you know their patterns and style. And, you know when they’re off, when something is a miss and it kind of makes you feel icky inside and not trust them. This is the power of consistency.

Consistency Equals Credibility

You want your business identity to communicate the same message, in the same way, no matter how a customer, client, or prospect finds you. They should feel the same way about you if they find you on Facebook, a Google search, email or go directly to your website. If you present a disjointed experience, people may not consciously be aware of it but they will certainly feel like you were disjointed and that is likely not the perception you want.

Brand Audit Exercise

So here’s a quick exercise to figure out how you’re doing. Take a screenshot of your digital assets and either print them out or put them on a PowerPoint slide. Include things like your homepage, a blog post, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, pretty much all of your social accounts. Maybe a sample email campaign or an auto responder that you set up. Include your email signature and of course, some ads. For a quick checkup, do just your social accounts and website to start.

Now, look at everything together. Do the logos match? Are you using the same fonts? Are the colors consistent? What about the graphic elements? What about your taglines and summaries?

Look for any discrepancies and take some time, even just 15 minutes, to make progress on buttoning up your digital footprint.

Most of the time even seasoned business owneres are shocked at how scattered things have become. So take a few minutes and spruce up your digital brand!