Episode 00: Introduction


Setting Expectations

What to Expect

When you work in an office you tend to pick up little bits of information from those around you. You are learning by osmosis…you are absorbing insights without having to really focus on it.

Pretend you’re in an office and two cubicles down there is a digital marketing nerd (me).

You’re bound to start picking up the lingo of the digital world and probably some fun tech tips too. And you’ll absolutely know all of the best cat memes the internet has to offer.

When it comes to digital marketing you might not think to look some of this stuff up. You might not even know what to search for or know you even have a problem.

A lot of digital marketing happens behind the scenes that you just wouldn’t be exposed to or know it exists unless it’s called out by a nerd like me.

The goal of this program is to expose you to digital marketing gently. As if I’m working a few cubicles down, including some tech tips and cat memes.

So welcome to the program and keep an eye out for your first weekly exposure experience video.


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