How Should You Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget?

How Should You Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget?

How Should You Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget?

Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

You’ve crunched numbers, budgeted, and determined exactly how much money you can spend on digital marketing. Now what?

Micro-businesses, or businesses that pull in $2 million or less, ask us this question pretty frequently. For these companies, a budget of $500 is a common and reasonable expense. With a budget this size, what are the best venues to invest your money? Here are a few points to consider.

Invest In Your Homepage

Before you begin spending money in places you don’t need, we recommend you start with your homepage. If your homepage has broken links, misplaced headers and footers, or broken social icons, you are likely losing the trust of your audience. You don’t want to lose credibility in the eyes of your customers simply because your website isn’t up to snuff.

You want your website to represent your brand appropriately and positively by being as good as it can be. View your website as if you were a potential customer. Click on everything. Make sure your links, videos, and downloads are working correctly.

Make A Killer First Impression

We hate to say it, but first impressions can make or break you, and you only have one chance to impress. Take an honest look at your website and think about what needs changed.

  • Stock images: Consider finding new images to freshen up the homepage and give it a new look.
  • Email confirmation template: Is it easy to read? Do the links work? Does it look good?
  • Other Aesthetics: Does the website flow? Is it visually appealing? Is the site easy to use?

Revisit Your Call To Action (CTA)

Once your website looks good, take another glance at your call to action. Consider offering a high-value freebie. Allow your target audience to download something valuable—without filling out a form. Your call to action should build credibility and trust, but it shouldn’t scream lifelong commitment. Put credibility measures in place first and then work toward deepening the relationship.

Review Google Analytics

To really discover where your traffic is coming from and where it’s converting, dive into your Google Analytics. Wherever those conversions are taking place is where you want to spend your money. If they’re coming from organic searches, boost your SEO investment. If they’re coming from social media, spend your money on Facebook ads. Regardless of where you spend the majority of your money, we recommend that you reserve at least $100 for boosting.

Michelle Tresemer
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Michelle is the owner and founder of Tresemer Group, creating and implementing effective, data-driven digital marketing strategies for our clients. Michelle brings expertise in SEO/SEM, web analytics, social media, lead generation, and conversions. Connect with me on LinkedIn