Michelle Tresemer Offers Databox Readers Advice on Harnessing the Power of Digital PR

Michelle Tresemer Offers Databox Readers Advice on Harnessing the Power of Digital PR

Michelle Tresemer Offers Databox Readers Advice on Harnessing the Power of Digital PR

When Databox.com assembles 30 experts to weigh in on how to better utilize Google Analytics’ referral tracking, you can bet they tapped Michelle Tresemer of TGroup Marketing Method to be one of those experts. And in this month’s “12 Ways to Analyze Your Referral Sources in Google Analytics,” Michelle offers up her usual down-to-earth advice on understanding and improving your digital PR.

Digital PR may sound a bit daunting, but it’s simply using referral tracking to ensure your time and energy are driving traffic and conversions to your website.

Finding the source of your traffic requires some digging, and Michelle encourages marketers to go “beyond the Default Channel Groupings.” She advises you “Look for any partner websites or press/news organizations that might be linking to you.” You’ll find those that are converting as well as the duds. And, if you’ve provided any guest blogs, you’ll be able to see if the blood, sweat, and cash you put into those efforts are driving traffic and conversions back to your website. If they are, keep it up. If not, do more of what is working!

For savvier GA users, Michelle recommends pulling your digital PR efforts into a single Google Data Studio dashboard, where you can more easily check the results of your efforts. If this sounds like a pain, relax. TGroup Marketing Method is happy to share a template that will help you get set up.

Michelle says having a one-stop dashboard to keep track of your digital PR is well worth the effort and will make your day-to-day decisions easier. “If we know what’s working we can do more of it. It’s really that simple. But almost more important is figuring out what does NOT work so we can stop wasting precious resources on nurturing digital channels that aren’t bringing in leads.”

Digital PR Dashboard Data Studio

How to Create Your Own PR Data Studio Report

Log into Google Data Studio and save these templates.
Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YQXwLn-mQv4TUqMCD-sCdUy2OuAhYj4PSS6wRMphVGE/template/preview
Google Data Studio Report: https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/05971da6-a516-4847-8f41-e78d0757b979/page/qG3iB/preview

Next, open up the Google Sheet and add in your most recent press mentions.
Open up the Data Studio report and make sure the table in the lower right hand corner is the data used for the report. You’ll want to also update your table and scorecards to pull in the advanced segment you’re about to create.

Almost done!

In Google Analytics you’ll want to create an Advanced Segment for just press traffic. Here you can see I’ve named it PR Sources. When you get a press mention simply add the domain of the site and separate the domains with a pipe “|”.

If you need help don’t hesitate to reach out or ask questions. We get asked a lot why we don’t just pull in all referral traffic. This is because for this dashboard we want to see press mentions we actively sought out. This way we can look at conversions from active, intentional press rather than directory listings or mentions and referrals tht are outside the scope of more traditional PR efforts.

If you’re looking for more expert tips on how to up your marketing game with GA, it’s more than worth 15 minutes of your time to devour Masooma Memon’s entire databox.com article. The piece will no doubt pique your interest in reviewing your GA tracking, and that’s a good thing. TGroup Marketing Method has checklists, templates, and processes to follow that will help you harness the power of Google Analytics. Check us out!

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