Introducing the Market Inside Out Podcast

Market Inside Out Marketing Podcast

Introducing the Market Inside Out Podcast

Episode 1: Defusing the Marketing Minefield with Mindset, Message, and Medium

Holy awkward alliteration! Do we have a podcast series for you entrepreneurs and solopreneurs out there who are tip toeing through the marketing minefield!

  • Do you need a t-shirt that says, “I’m sorry for what I said when I was marketing?”
  • Ever stopped yourself from marketing your business because you didn’t have a clue where to start or what to say?
  • Have you had so much marketing ‘advice’ pitched your direction that you’re full-out gonzo confused? Depressed? Or, at best, hesitant to jump in?
  • Do these marketing fears gnaw at your self-worth? Do your marketing emotions run on a continuum from FOMO to dread?

We’ve been there! And we know it’s enough to make you drown your marketing woes in a half-rack of Oreos. Or a glass of sauv blanc? Heck, maybe the whole pack and bottle of wine!

The good news is that now you’ve got an experienced team on your side that has figured out a process that really works. We’re sharing our marketing expertise and experience with you in a new fun and informative series of conversations on the Market Inside Out Podcast. In each episode, we tackle the three essentials of marketing: mindset, message, and medium.

And what a team of marketing expertise we make! Each of us—Suzanne Longstreet, Emma O’Brien, and Michelle Tresemer—brings a unique perspective to this collective approach.

Suzanne Longstreet, an experienced Mindset and Success Coach, helps us all get our heads right. Suzanne’s results-based solutions move entrepreneurs through getting clarity to confidence building, to moving beyond what’s stopping them so they can build revenue. She’ll deliver a kind dose of belief in yourself and your potential, so you can go out into the world and share your message in an impactful and inspiring way.

Emma OBrien is a successful Brand Strategist and Messaging Expert. Emma, co-founder of Punchy, helps companies tell their story in a clear and compelling way. Her Meaningful Message approach has helped some of the big tech industry founders and CEOs translate their visionary technology into simple, compelling stories. She now shares that strategy with entrepreneurs and small businesses. Emma’s motivation is simple: “you shouldn’t have to pay a zillion dollars to learn how to have an awesome message that’s authentic.”

Michelle Tresemer, a Whole Systems Digital Marketing Coach, Strategist, Consultant, and Trainer is our tech specialist. She breaks down nerdy digital marketing advice into understandable bites for us at the mortal level. Her simple, sensible, and strategic TGroup Marketing Method moves you from silo paralysis to an integrated strategy that focuses on the resources you already have and the support you need in order to see results. From Michelle you’ll get no-BS advice on everything from social Facebook ads to whole system analytics.

Join us at Market Inside Out Podcast! We’ll keep it real and raw as we demystify marketing. In each episode, we’ll talk about mindset, message, and what medium(s) will work best for different circumstances. You’ll get inspiration, proven ways to tell your story, and easy methods and tips to distribute your message to where your audience truly is. We’re eager to share our best practices, so you’ll have more clarity, confidence, and impact. Better yet, after just one episode, we hope you’ll be less terrified by marketing and less tempted by those Oreos and wine.

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Michelle Tresemer
[email protected]

Michelle is the owner and founder of Tresemer Group, creating and implementing effective, data-driven digital marketing strategies for our clients. Michelle brings expertise in SEO/SEM, web analytics, social media, lead generation, and conversions. Connect with me on LinkedIn