Bluehost Taps Michelle Tresemer to Discuss Optimizing Small Business WordPress Websites

Bluehost Taps Michelle Tresemer to Discuss Optimizing Small Business WordPress Websites

Bluehost Taps Michelle Tresemer to Discuss Optimizing Small Business WordPress Websites

When Bluehost, one of the 20 largest web hosts powering over 2 million domains, selects experts to weigh in on how to best optimize WordPress sites, it’s not surprising they start with Michelle Tresemer. Tresemer, founder of TGroup Marketing Method, is known for her practical, first-do-no-harm approach to digital marketing. Before you ensure your website is on brand, visually original, and utilizes the right plugins, Tresemer tells Bluehost readers to focus first on website functionality.

Apply the KISS Principle to Your Website

Michelle Tresemer reminds readers that the “ultimate goal of your small business WordPress website is to make a sale.” Instead of getting caught up in eye-candy design, keep it user-friendly. Michelle adds “…the way to stand out is in performance and functionality.” It’s best to “start with a fast, functional website. Keep it simple with minimal bells and whistles.”

Keep Your Website on Brand

With this wisdom established, Lisa Chu of illustrate how to keep your website on brand. Chu dovetails the fashion industry’s vivid, modern, and clean designs with “unique colors, patterns, and images that resonate with our brand.” Gallagher says he wants website visitors to “feel welcome, the same way they would on our Yosemite tour” and encounter a website that performs like his high-quality tours.

Invest in Original Visuals for Your Website

Amara Ukaigwe, CEO of advises small businesses to invest in custom photography rather than falling back on stock photos. Citing 2011 study in Marketing Experiments, Ukaigwe reports that people were 35% more likely to click on an advertisement with a real client than a stock photo.

Why Plugins Matter

Don’t overlook the importance of utilizing the right plugins to manage SEO, website performance, content management, and social media. David Alexander of Mazepress, reminds readers that security plugins like Wordfence are essential. Not only is security a concern of your customers, but a secure website can help you rank better in relevant searches.

And speaking of SEO, Tory Gray, CEO and Digital Market Strategist at The Gray Dot Company adds that plugins like Yoast can help you optimize your website’s SEO, performance, content management, and social media. “[Yoast is] like your own personal SEO coach that is there to help you follow SEO best practices. You can edit meta descriptions, write keyword-rich copy, add schema markup, and more to capture those elusive clicks to your website.”

As you work to optimize your small business WordPress website, less is more, stay on brand, stay away from stock photos, and plugins will make your job a whole lot easier.

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